Some interesting facts about world architecture for children

About architectureAbout world architecture for children. The leaning tower of Pisa was straightened by 44 centimeters, but its slope is still a little more than four meters. The tower is now held from falling by two steel cables with counterweights, and in this form it will be able to stand for another 300 years. Recently, tourists are allowed to visit it again, but in groups of no more than 30 people and accompanied by two guides.
Recently, scientists have found out why the leaning tower of Pisa. One half of it rests on solid rock, and the other stands on the bed of a long-disappeared river.

In Belgium, owners of houses that had street lights installed on them had to pay a tax, unless there was an image of the virgin Mary on the facade of the house. That is why in some cities you can still see many houses with the image of the mother of God.

The magnificent Taj Mahat Palace in India is built of white marble, and its domes are decorated with mosaics of semi-precious stones. More than 20,000 workers took part in the construction of the Palace. In fact, this architectural wonder is not a Palace, but a mausoleum that the ruler of India, Shah Jahan, built for his wife, who died at the age of 36 at the birth of her fourteenth child.

In the city of Washington, it is forbidden to build buildings higher than 14 floors. The ban is explained simply: the obelisk of the first President of the United States, George Washington, must be visible from anywhere in the city. In addition, no building in the city should be higher than the Capitol.

A 31-room ice hotel was built in Canada. 11,000 tons of snow and 350 tons of ice were used for its construction. The guests slept in ice-cold beds with planks, fur skins and sleeping bags on top of the boards. All the furniture in the hotel was also icy cold. To ensure that the guests did not freeze at all, the temperature in the rooms was maintained at – 6 degrees Celsius. The hotel had numerous entertainment facilities: a Golf course and even a chapel. It was hoped that the cold weather would last long and the sudden thaw would not melt the hotel.

The great wall of China is the longest structure ever built by man. Recently, fragments of it were found at a distance of 500 kilometers from the main part, so now its length is considered equal to 7000 kilometers. This is the only man-made structure on Earth that can be seen from space.

In 1552, Tsar Ivan the terrible ordered the construction of the Pokrovsky Cathedral on red square in Moscow, later called St. Basil’s Cathedral. When the construction was completed, the king ordered the creators of the temple to be blinded so that they could never build anything so beautiful again.

The law requires that all doors of public buildings open outwards. This is explained very simply. In the event of a fire, for example, people should be able to run out the door unhindered without pushing or knocking others down. Can you imagine what a stampede there would be if the doors opened inwards?! These are the features of architecture.

Did you know that goats are “masters of construction” even though they don’t know it? In former times, goatskins were widely used in construction. For example, during the construction of the Antwerp Cathedral, they were placed under the Foundation so that the walls would not settle into the wet subsurface layers. Churches and chapels were often painted with lime and whipped goat’s milk. This painting technique is still used in restoration work.

The Aztecs used lime mortar in construction, to which they added the blood of animals, while it was not about any ritual – for example, sacrificing animals to the gods. The fact is that one of the blood proteins, in fact, is a very good binder. Some buildings built by the Aztecs in this way are still standing.

Immediately after the construction of the Eiffel tower was 300 meters high, but then it was installed antennas, 21 each. The height of the tower may vary slightly in one direction or another depending on the air temperature. To climb to the top of the tower, you need to overcome 1652 steps. However, visitors are not allowed to climb so high: they are only allowed on the observation deck, located at an altitude of 115 meters.

In ancient China, cities were built according to several important rules: the sky was to be visible from any point of the city, and the city itself had to have the shape of some animal or symbol. Houses were also built in a special way: they were shaped like a snake, a star, or even a dragon. Such an unusual architecture can only be envied.

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