A fun game “orchestra” for children. Reviving the holiday

Playing orchestraThere are many different games to spice up any children’s holiday and make it much more interesting. There is a rather fun game called “orchestra”, which we will tell you about now. This game is interesting to play when a lot of people gathered at the festival. The essence of it is as follows.

Funny game ” Merry orchestra”

Each participant must choose a musical instrument for themselves, which they will then “play”. It’s better if the children choose different tools. In extreme cases, only two people can “take” the same tools. Otherwise, this fun game will not be so exciting.

Then the “conductor”is selected from among the players. He will be the host. After the guys “sort out” all the musical instruments, they line up in a row, and the conductor faces them. Then, at a signal, the “orchestra” starts playing imaginary musical instruments.

The conductor pretends that he also plays his instrument, for example, imitates a drum roll or puffs out his cheeks, as if playing a trumpet, etc. The other members of the orchestra make such movements as if I were playing my own instrument. But they must not take their eyes off their conductor.

Suddenly the conductor abruptly changes his movements and begins to pretend that he is playing a musical instrument of one of the orchestra members. The player whose instrument the conductor has started playing immediately stops playing and puts his hands over his ears. All other participants in the game play the instrument chosen by the conductor.

After a while, the conductor returns to his original instrument, and the children also return to their own.

So, the conductor plays his own or someone else’s musical instrument, and the players try to catch his movements and not make a mistake in their choice. A participant who makes incorrect movements, does not have time to repeat after the conductor, or does not cover their ears in time – is eliminated from the game. The one who remains last in the orchestra when the other members have all left the “orchestra” and becomes the next conductor in the next game.

The game looks complicated, but if you understand it well, the children will have fun.

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