Unusual traditions and customs of different peoples

Unusual traditionsPeoples with different cultural traditions have developed various signs, rituals, beliefs, and customs that are inextricably linked to them over time. These unusual traditions are firmly rooted in the culture of these peoples and remain relevant to this day.

Unusual traditions

Just so you know, the tradition of wearing wedding rings goes back to the ancient Egyptians. In those early days, the ring symbolized eternity. Wearing wedding rings, the newlyweds, thus, vowed that their marriage will be eternal. And, for example, in many American States, creditors do not have the right to take away wedding rings from bankrupt people.

Followers of Hinduism once believed that it is impossible to marry a third time: it will bring misfortune. Therefore, for the third time, a man married a tree that symbolized a woman. Then the tree was burned, and the man could safely marry a third time.

Make-up-the art of decorating the face – has also existed for many centuries. Animal substances were often used to produce cosmetics. So the eye shadow that was applied by ancient Egyptian women contained glitter-crushed elytra of scarab beetles. Even today, many types of lipstick contain microscopic pieces of fish scales.

It is unlikely that women who own expensive pearl necklaces know that the most beautiful pearls owe their appearance to small parasitic worms that form a pearl shell around them. Imagine what would happen to the ladies if they found out that they had a whole brood of little worms around their necks! Since such pearls are of great value, each of them is attached to a separate thread, and even if the necklace breaks, only one pearl will fall.

North Africa also has its own very unusual traditions. So let’s say that professional mourners of African peoples spend the whole night next to the deceased, so that he was mourned properly and deserved a decent reception in the next world.

But on the island of Bali, burial is a whole celebration with music and dancing. People Express their sincere joy that the deceased can finally meet with their ancestors and with God. It is believed that the more people come to honor the deceased, the better the reception will be given to him in heaven.

The ancient Egyptians also placed small statuettes in tombs to accompany the dead in the next world and help them perform the necessary work.

Do you know why the buttons on the clothes of men and women are fastened on different sides? This custom goes back to colonial times, when men were helped to dress by a female servant. At the same time, she looked in the mirror and, as it seemed to her, buttoned her clothes exactly the same as on herself, but in fact – on the contrary. What loafers these men were! Today, they dress themselves, but the tradition of buttoning clothes in their own way remains.

The first toothbrushes with bristles appeared in China in the fifteenth century. The bristles were a pig at first, and later a horse. Since 1938, bristles have been made from synthetic materials-fortunately for animals.

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