How to make a wooden whistle from two tree branches

Cut the barkA simple and interesting wooden whistle can be made from two round blanks, for example, from a handle for a shovel or a tree branch. To work, you will need a drill, two pieces of twig and a sharp knife. One of the mandatory conditions for making a whistle is that the wood must be dry. Otherwise, when drilling a hole, it will turn out to be fleecy, and it will not make sounds.

Take a section of a thick branch and drill a hole in it from the end. Then, at the end with the hole, you need to remove the bark on half the circumference of the branch.
Материал для свисткаСверлим отверстиеСрезаем кору

Round and align this end.
Выравниваем конец

Alternating perpendicular and inclined cuts, cut a notch on the side where the bark was left unpeeled. The depth of this notch should be approximately up to the middle of the drilled hole.
Вырезаем отверстие свистка

Now you will need a thinner branch. Its diameter should be slightly larger than the diameter of the drilled hole.
снимем кору с маленькой ветки

Use a knife to remove the bark from the end of this small branch. At this end cut skantic as shown in the figure.
Соединяем детали

Now insert this part into the hole with the flat side up. It should reach the edge of the hole. Next, cut off the extra part of the thin part level with the mouthpiece of our whistle.
Обрезаем и заклеиваем

All gaps must be filled with glue. Give the whistle to dry. Now you can try to blow the whistle. If the hole, which is called the “sound chamber”, is clean and smooth, then the wooden whistle will make a loud whistling sound. Well, if there are a lot of villi, then it will not whistle. In this case, you will have to wait until the musical instrument is still dry and then clean the inner surface.

All your whistle is ready and you can whistle.

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