Modeling of figures from sawdust mass

Figures made of sawdustDid you know that you can make figurines not only from plasticine or salt dough, but also from sawdust? Yes, yes. You didn’t make a mistake, and I didn’t mix anything up. From the sawdust mass, you can sculpt various decorative objects, animal figures and even small sculptures. To prepare the material for modeling, we need
the following ingredients: sifted fine sawdust, flour, a few grams of baking soda and bone glue.

Production of sawdust mass for modeling

The sawdust mass is made as follows. Take some container. Ask your parents for an unnecessary old pot. Pour in a few spoonfuls of flour. Fill the flour with water. Now put it on the stove and cook, stirring constantly until you get a jelly-like mass. Cool the mass. Now add baking soda and a few spoonfuls of bone glue. By the way, for the preparation of sawdust, you can also use PVA glue. After that, pour a few spoonfuls of sawdust into the mixture, and mix everything thoroughly. The sawdust mass should be kneaded like dough on dumplings, so that it is tight. Now our modeling material is ready and you can get to work.

You have probably already decided in advance that you will sculpt, so feel free to bring your creative ideas to life. It can be anything: cats, dogs, mice and other animals. You can even create whole compositions in the form of models of a city with people and cars, or a forest with animals and birds. But, of course, it will be very time-consuming work. So start with the simplest products. And after practicing on them, you can take on more global projects.

Cat of sawdust weight

After you have made the figure from the sawdust mass, put it to dry in a warm place. The surface of the product can not be processed, but if you want your figures to be smooth and colorful, then you can, before putting them to dry, treat them with glass sandpaper. Then the figure can be covered with special glue paints. After painting, we fix the surface of the figure with varnish, and only then put it to dry.
Фигурки из опилочной массы

Unlike plasticine and test figures, this product made of sawdust will be much stronger and more durable.

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