Tree bark for making crafts. How to carve ships out of tree bark

the boatThe bark of the tree is an excellent material for various crafts. Crafts can be made from the bark of any tree species. It can be either thick spruce bark or thin birch bark. The thick bark of the tree is suitable for making such crafts as boats and boats, small figures of people and animals. From birch bark, you can make simple tueski, koroby and
even book covers.

But today, my young friends, we will see how different types of boats can be made from tree bark. To work, you will need thick spruce or oak bark, a sharp knife, sandpaper and drawing paper, a tin can and paints.

Tree bark for making boats and ships

Depending on our skill and imagination, we can make simple boats from the bark of the tree, as well as sailboats, barges with tugs, sports and cargo ships, steamships, military or antique ships. Wood bark is a fairly soft material and therefore you should not have any problems with cutting out ship parts. The main thing is to observe safety measures when working with a sharp knife and not cut yourself. Carving boats from the bark of a tree will be the most suitable activity for boys of all age groups.

The figure below shows several examples of ready-made boats, which were made using the bark of a tree. Also, for a change, you can make a raft of dry tree branches.

The boat of barkTree bark for craft crafts.Ships with your own hands

After you cut the boat out of the bark, it will need to be treated with sandpaper. This is necessary so that it becomes smooth and dense without roughness and large recesses. After that, we will pour wood paint into a tin can and paint the hull of the boat. By the way, instead of paint, you can use a colored water-repellent varnish. The bark of the tree will be well soaked with it and will look not only beautiful and shiny, but also will not absorb water, which means that your boat will remain with you for many years, without rotting or collapsing.

If you have made a sailboat, then you can use drawing paper as a sail. The paper can be pre-decorated with some kind of drawing on the marine theme. You can also cut out the flags of various states from the paper. And you can cut out figures of sailors from cardboard. As a result, you will get a real toy flotilla.

When your fleet is ready, you can have a boat race in the stream or pond in good weather.

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