Mosaic of matches and small twigs with your own hands

mill of matchesThe mosaic is made of various materials. For its production uses glass, ceramics, stone, metal, wood, etc. This technique of creating images has been used since ancient times. Mosaics decorated the buildings of temples, created paintings, decorated household items, etc. Today we will also try to create an original mosaic with you, using ordinary matches
and small tree branches.

This is quite an interesting type of decorative design. And children of all ages can do it. First, create a mosaic of matches. To do this, we will need the following materials:

Burnt or whole matches,
Vitreous Artificial Resin,
Colorless nitrocellulose lacquer.

After you collect all the necessary materials, you can start working.

Match Mosaic

First, let’s start processing the surface of the base. As a base, you can use a piece of plywood or a board. Carefully sand its surface with sandpaper. Now apply the outline of the drawing to the base with a simple pencil. Carefully cover the drawing with resin and glue the matches.

Matches must be prepared in advance. Cut off the burnt ends or heads of saltpeter from them with a knife. Then put the matches in the stains of various colors for ten, fifteen minutes. Your mosaic material will become multicolored. Dry the matches, and then cut them into pieces of the desired length. By the way, instead of matches, you can still use wooden toothpicks.

So, you pasted the drawing with matches. After the resin dries, sand the plywood surface again with sandpaper. Your next match is covered with mosaic nitrocellulose lacquer and sent for drying. See what a magnificent mosaic picture you have turned out.

A mosaic of matches. Flower The tiger and the donkey. Mosaic of matches Hedgehog from matches

How to make a mosaic of spruce twigs

Also, an interesting mosaic can be made with the help of spruce twigs. Previously, the twigs need to be cleaned from the needles and dried. As a basis, you can also take plywood, board or hardboard. We will also need:

White shoe polish,
A piece of flannel.

In the same way, we first process the base with sandpaper. Then we draw some image. Apply the glue to the surface. We glue the broken twigs according to the drawing. When the glue is completely dry, we will cover the mosaic with white shoe cream.

Now it remains to polish it with flannel, and our original mosaic will be ready. Take a look at what beauty you have created with your own hands. Also, you can make various models from matches, such as a house, an ancient fortress, a castle or a mill.

mill of matches

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