How to make a round toy out of salt dough

Happy CatToday, my young friend, we will make a round toy out of salted dough. Let it be a funny cat Matroskin from the famous cartoon Prostokvashino. How to properly knead the salty dough, we discussed with you earlier. To refresh your memory, click on this link. To make a round toy, you need to choose the flour very carefully.
After all, if the dough is not tight and plastic, then you may not get a toy. It is necessary to use proven flour of the highest grade, the dough from which does not “float” when kneading, remains “cool” for a long time.

Knead the dough very carefully, gradually adding water in small doses. To make one toy, you will need a two-hundred-gram glass of flour, half of this glass of salt, and a little less than half a glass of water.

Also, to make the round toy we have planned, you will need toothpicks or matches. So, let’s get to work.

We make a round toy-Matroskin’s cat

Mix the flour with fine salt and mix it thoroughly, gradually adding water until you get a tight and plastic dough.

Now roll out the dough into two balls. Make one ball bigger – it will be the body, and the second smaller-it will be the head of our cat.

Next, you need to stick a toothpick into a large ball so that its half goes out. The toothpick should stick strictly vertically. Then, with a wet brush, moisten the top of the ball around the toothpick. This is necessary for better bonding of the parts of the cat. Now we put the second ball on the toothpick – the head and slightly press it to the body.

From the remaining dough, blind the remaining parts of the cat figure: paws, ears, tail, etc. Stick them to the right places. Now our round toy needs to be baked in the oven at a temperature of 100-150 degrees Celsius.

Making a round cat toyHappy Cat

If you want your craft made of salted dough to bake faster, then you can insert balls of crumpled foil inside the dough balls.

After the product is baked and cooled, you can do art. Paint a round toy with colors. Draw the cat Matroskin eyes, mustache and mouth, as well as paint a cap and vest. All your work is done. You can show it to your parents and friends.

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