Safety of children at home

The safety of childrenBeing alone at home, you also have to observe some security measures. After all, even in the native walls, an accident can happen if you do not observe basic safety. Periodically, you need to pay attention to how the furniture is located in your apartment. Perhaps your parents have secretly rearranged the furniture,
and you are used to the fact that the furniture is always in the same place, you can accidentally, thinking about it, run into something and hit it hard.

Well, such small items as a stool or footrest can generally be found in a wide variety of places. So don’t forget to make sure they don’t get in your way and cause you physical harm… especially in the dark.

You can easily slip on rugs and mats, so try to slow down when you run around the apartment while playing.

Also, the polished parquet floors will be very slippery. Therefore, you should not rush around them like a madman, otherwise you can slip and fill yourself with a huge bump.

When it’s time to go to bed, be sure to remove all your toys from the floor. After getting out of bed in the morning (or going to the toilet in the middle of the night) you may not notice them in your sleep, and if you stumble or slip, you may fall to the floor and hurt yourself.

Ask your mother to put a rubber mat in the bath (if she suddenly forgot to do this) so that she does not accidentally fall and hit the edge of the bath. After all, its bottom and walls are often very slippery from water and soap foam.

Observe basic safety and you will avoid many troubles even at home.

The safety of children

And the last piece of advice for today. In no case, and under no circumstances, do not touch electrical wires and appliances with wet hands. First, wipe them thoroughly dry. After all, water is an excellent conductor of electric current. And if the insulation is accidentally damaged somewhere, you can get a pretty sensitive electric shock.

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