Short stories from the life of countries around the world for children and adults

Short stories about countries around the worldThese short stories that tell about a variety of interesting facts from the life of different countries of the world will surely appeal to smart and curious children who want to learn a lot of new and unusual things on the Internet. If you are my young friend, then click on the link below and add to your knowledge. The global web of the world wide Internet was created for this purpose – to exchange interesting and useful information.

The most amazing and unusual facts of the world

The Portuguese authorities have developed a clever system that aims to help older people get used to the Euro. Most of these people could neither read nor write, but they were believers and regularly attended Church. At the request of the authorities, the priests not only brought the word of God to the parishioners, but also explained what the Euro is.

The national flag of the Philippines is the only national flag that is displayed in different ways depending on. The country is in a state of peace or war. In peacetime, the blue stripe is on top. And if there is a war, the flag is turned over, and a red stripe appears on top.

In some cities in Northern Italy, the traffic intensity on the highway is limited to the time of smog (a mixture of smoke and fog). Cars are allowed on the roads once every three days, depending on the license plate. I wonder whether the administration of enterprises has the right to count employees absenteeism on days when they are forbidden to drive a car.

The shortest Intercontinental flight takes only 20 minutes. This is a flight from Gibraltar (Europe) to Tangier (Africa).

Iceland is an island of volcanic origin with many geysers and hot springs, the temperature of which reaches 360 degrees Celsius. Many buildings, offices and residential buildings in Reykjavik are heated by hot water pumped from the earth’s interior. Thanks to these underground “furnaces”, one of the swimming pools can receive visitors all year round.

There are crows on the tower of London at any time of the year. There is a legend that the king or Queen of great Britain will have to abdicate the throne and lose power on the day when the crows leave the tower. I had to clip the birds ‘ wings so they wouldn’t actually fly away.

Have you ever used cheat sheets in exams? If you lived in Bangladesh, you would be quickly dissuaded from such tricks. Students over the age of 15, if they are caught cheating on the final exam, may well end up in prison.

Soldiers of the Vatican’s Swiss guard still wear the uniform that the great Michelangelo designed for them in the sixteenth century. We can only hope that this uniform is not as ancient and … shabby.

The name “Spain” was coined in the sixth century by the inhabitants of Carthage. The word in those days meant “country of rabbits”.

The flag of great Britain combines the red crosses of St. George (England) and St. Patrick (Ireland), as well as the white St. Andrew’s cross of Scotland on a blue background. The official name of the flag is “Union Flag” (Union flag), but more often you can hear another name – “Union Jack”. However, according to the law, it can only be used if the flag is hanging on the mast of the ship.

In the Indian city of new Delhi, at least a hundred citizens are engaged in a single business: they look after the forty thousand cows that roam the streets. There are even rest houses for cows in the city, where they spend their old age. You have probably already realized that the cow is a sacred animal in India.

Approximately 5,000 languages are spoken worldwide. There are 800 of them in India alone. This means that in this country, every twenty kilometers, people speak a different language. It’s lucky that you don’t live in India and don’t have to go to school there to learn all these many languages.

The American city of Las Vegas has a strong reputation as the capital of gambling. Some hotel owners place roulette tables even in swimming pools. To make players lose all sense of time, all clocks have been removed from the Las Vegas casino.

Guess what city you are going, if its name sounds like: Krungthep Maha Nakorn Amon Rattanakosin Manindra of the Ayutthaya Mahadilok Pop Noparat Ratchathani by Buriram Adoration of Mahasathan of Amenfiman Avatarship Capcacity will Vishnukant? Here is a small hint-translation: “the Great City of Angels, a Treasury of Magnificent Jewelry, an Invincible Country, a Grandiose Kingdom, a Wonderful Royal Capital on Nine Noble Stones, the Highest Royal Palace Under the Protection of the Gods, the Domain Of incarnate Spirits.” Of course, we are talking about Bangkok, the capital of Thailand!

In Paraguay, dueling is only allowed for opponents who have registered as donors. One gives blood, the other, perhaps, life.

The war in Northern Iraq has led to the fact that many Kurdish villages have become uninhabited. However, the empty houses quickly found new owners. Thousands of venomous snakes settled there, finding shelter for themselves and their offspring.

The world’s first postage stamps appeared in 1840 in great Britain. These are the only stamps that do not even indicate the country where they are used.

In the nineteenth century, the President of Mexico organized the burial… of his own leg, which he lost in one of the regular wars. For four years, the leg was kept in the Palace, and in 1842, in the presence of a guard of honor, its solemn funeral was arranged. Two years later, the grave was looted, and what happened to the President’s foot is still unknown.

In Italy, where fashion is held in high esteem, a fashion designer created a new cassock for monks. It even has a pocket for a cell phone. And in fact: monks must live up to the times and be accessible always and everywhere. Sewing workshops have already received 3,000 orders for the new cassock.

During the construction of the Panama canal, more than 5,600 construction workers died, mainly from yellow fever and malaria. Today, more than 8,000 people work on the channel every day – administration and technical staff. Approximately 50 vessels pass through the canal every day, taking seven to eight hours. The number of vessels reaches twelve thousand per year. The largest ships pass through the locks using tugs and electric locomotives.

The capital of Bolivia, La Paz, is the highest mountain capital in the world. This city is also known as a ski resort and a venue for ski competitions, but you can only ski here in summer: in winter, the mountains are very cold, because the city is located at an altitude of more than 3600 meters above sea level.

Known to all. What an important detail of the national costume of the Scots – kilt, plaid skirt. But did you know that a Scot who respects tradition doesn’t wear anything under this skirt at all?

In Belgium, you can order postage stamps that consist of two parts: one half is a stamp, and the other is your own photo. In Brazil, brands that give off the aroma of coffee are sold. What you can’t do to be considered original.

In Massachusetts (USA) there is a lake with very long, unusual name: the Spell of gogga of Hogg of manaugh of agagg of Cabana-Gunga-of laugh. You can translate it like this: “you fish on your side, I fish on my side, and no one catches fish in the middle of the lake.” In any case, it helps to avoid disputes between fishermen. As for the word “Massachusetts”, it means: “On the big hills»

If you are in Moscow and you want to go to the sea, you will have a wide choice. Thanks to the system of rivers and channels from Moscow, you can get to any of the five seas: the Caspian, Black, Azov, White and Baltic.

The Italian city of Pisa is located today about nine kilometers from the Mediterranean coast. However, in the fifth century BC, Pisa was a port city. Several years ago, during excavations, archaeologists discovered 15 ancient ships. They were covered in mud as the sea receded from the shore year after year.

In the Philippines, there is a nation whose representatives greet each other in a very unusual way. When two people meet, they press their lips to each other’s cheeks and breathe quickly.

You might think that the Canary Islands owe their name to songbirds, Canaries. Nothing like that! This name comes from the Latin “Canariae insulae”, which means “Islands of Dogs”.

In Spain and Mexico, every year on the day of Saint Anthony, the patron Saint of animals, celebrations are held for Pets. Thousands of worshippers head to Church with their Pets decorated with flowers and ribbons. In rural areas of Mexico, farmers bring caterpillars and insects in jars so that the priest sprinkles them with Holy water so that they stop damaging the crop.

In 1952, the post of President of the state of Israel was offered to the great physicist albert Einstein. However, he rejected such a flattering offer, saying that his head was full of other problems.

Until 1965, automobile traffic in Sweden was left-hand. The transition to right-hand traffic occurred on a certain day of the week at 17 hours. All the cars stopped at the same time and moved to the other side of the streets. This relatively late hour was chosen so that all drivers, even those who get up late, have time to Wake up and remember that today is the day when such a significant event takes place in the country.

In Japan, such forms of feeling as hugs and kisses have long been considered unselfish, unsightly, and unhealthy. In 1926 alone, 240,000 meters of American film footage was destroyed, with scenes of kissing and hugging.

Some cities and countries have the literal meaning of naming. For example, the word “Seoul”, the capital of South Korea, means the capital. “Canada” is an Indian word that means “big village”. However, in this case, the concept of “big village” is somewhat different from what was put into this phrase in the Middle ages. The word “Siberia”, the name of the region frosty and sparsely populated, means “sleeping country”.

In India, couples who dream of having children whisper their desire in the ear of… a cow! After that, the couple can only hope that the cow will bring them good luck!

In the twelfth century, it was customary in the Netherlands to surround cities with canals as a means of defense against enemies. But the cities grew, and each time new channels had to be dug around them, larger and larger. As a result of the merger of cities, such huge networks of channels have emerged, as, for example, in Amsterdam. Most of all, tourists were lucky – it is very interesting to explore the city from the deck of a boat. Drivers feel much worse: it is difficult for them not only to navigate in such a city, but also to find a place to Park.

Rome was the first city to reach a million inhabitants. This happened in 133 BC. London only caught up with it in 1810, and new York surpassed this record in 1875. Today, there are more than 300 millionaire cities on Earth.

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